Resonance Dancers


This is my 15th DTM work and 5th song track. It is called as “Resonance Dancers". Please take a listen to it.

Resonance Dancers by Naoto Sawamura

(2023-11-26 remixed version with lead guitar sections addition has been uploaded.)

(In English the upper, in Japanese the lower)

Long ago, I had been a member of a blues / rock band for 8 – 9 years. That band was trio that had circuited many clubs. My role was the lead guitar / sub-vocal / sub-composer. This band had played songs written by the band leader whose role was the bass / main-vocal / main-composer basically. 70% of our repertories were the bassist composed tunes, 20% of them were blues / rock covers, the last 10% was my own composed ones.

I learned many things in this band tenure. The experience in this band made the foundation of me not only as a musician but also a person definitely.

This band style was like Cream’s one. Two or three chorus section, then improvisation section, at last final chorus. Of course I have loved that style now and then and have loved playing blues numbers still now (my “Even If Called Satanic" has been written in that style). But songs I wrote had the different style basically as like my “Goodbye 73" or “Lady Santa Clause". My song consists of several riff and bridge sections. So, my songs did not fit to that band. If I wanted my song to be taken up as a regular repertory of this band, I had to write a song along with that band style.

One day, I had wrote a song for that band as like “Tales of Ulysses" of Cream. But the key of my song was D major. Very simple style : it means just repeating the consequence of Section A and Section B 3 times. In the other words, it just has 3 chorus without no bridge and improvisation section. I had other 2 persons of that band to get it onto our repertory successfully. But I had got a complaint of my song. I had felt that it had missed some pieces. To me, it was just like a uncompleted construction. After several times we had played this song in some gigs, I had declined it from our repertories by myself.

I have forgotten this song for a long long time. Recently my hands brought it back when I worked out to break in the new guitar. I brought back the regret memory in that time and I wondered if I could “complete" this song now because nothing restricts me.

So, this song is the old song and the new song at the same time. The original lyrics was forgotten fully. So, this lyric was written newly with the new title.

Lyrics is below.

Resonance Dancers

It’s been really done
Before you break up
Filled tears with the blood

It’s been In your hands
Vanished in the sky
As made in the sand

Always lost our way
Searching the light with the direction sign
But many times we have been led astray

Near the warm dawn
Burning summer’s gone
Dried winds flow away

Pistons don’t stop
In full throttle
Valves not shut

People walks away
No one in their sight
They were star lights
Fallen down in the end

It’s near dawn
The night’s been gone
Your cloak was worn

Here is the sound
Deep resonant
Dancers go around

Credit is below.

Resonance Dancers

Song and Words Written by Naoto Sawamura
Arranged by Naoto Sawamura

Recorded by GarageBand
Engineering / Mixing / Mastering : Naoto Sawamura
Drums / Bass Programing : Naoto Sawamura

Guitars : Naoto Sawamura
Vocals : Naoto Sawamura

Naoto Sawamura used :
Guitar / EVH Wolfgang Special
Amplifier / EVH 5150 ICONIC SERIES 6L6 40W 12×1




 バンドの演奏スタイルは、Creamのそれと言ってよくて、2、3コーラスの歌、インプロヴィゼーション、最後に歌をもう1コーラス、そんな感じです。もちろん、私はこのスタイルが今も昔も好きですし、ブルースナンバーを演奏するのは今でも好きです(拙作「Even If Called Satanic」はこのスタイルで書かれています)。しかし、基本的に私が書く曲は全く異なるスタイルで、それは拙作の「Goodby 73」や「Lady Santa Clause」に表れているように、いくつかのリフ・セクション、ブリッジ・セクションで構成されている、というものです。そのため、このバンドには私の曲は合いませんでした。もし私が自分の曲をレパートリーとして取り上げてもらいたいのであれば、このバンドのスタイルに合わせた曲を書くしかありませんでした。

 ある日、私はCreamの「Tales Of Ulysses」のような曲を書きました。ただ、私の曲のキーはDメジャーでしたけれど。とてもシンプルな構成にしました。AパターンとBパターンの連続を、3回繰り返すだけで終わりです。つまり、ブリッジもインプロヴィゼーション・セクションもない、ただ3コーラスがあるだけの歌です。この曲は、当時のバンドの他の二人のメンバーに、バンドのレパートリーとして取り上げてもらうことに成功しました。でも、私自身がこの曲には不満を持っていました。この曲にはいくつものピースが足りていない、まるで未完成の建物みたいだ、と。いくつかのライブで数回この曲を披露した後、私は自分から、この曲をバンドのレパートリーから取り下げました。