This track is my 25th DTM work and 15th track as the song track. It is called as “Crawling”. Please take a listen to it. Thanks.

Crawling written by Naoto Sawamura

(2024-March-16) The remixed version is uploaded.

Lyric is below.


If wings grow on your back
Free to spread them widely
Fly away from where you stuck
Roll in the sky as you’re silly

But you must crawl on the ground
All your muscle, all your system
Through your vein creaky sounds
Chorus heard the dark anthem

Let you be alone any one here
Cry out your burning roar
Tear bug of coffee beans
Till shuttered then throw your cup  
Let you be in Minotaur
You don’t wanna walk any more
Or washed up on the beach
But coward means no giving up

Though you look back the past
No good time to take you back
You cannot lift your head up
Neither straighten up your back

Anything you dreamt and dream  
Come to be in the other’s hands
Dry cough, scanty steam
The dark anthem quakes the land

The track credit is below.


Song and Words Written by Naoto Sawamura
Arranged by Naoto Sawamura

Recorded by GarageBand
Engineering / Mixing / Mastering : Naoto Sawamura
Drums / Bass Programing : Naoto Sawamura

Guitars : Naoto Sawamura
Vocals : Naoto Sawamura

Naoto Sawamura used :
Guitar / EVH Wolfgang Special
Amplifier / EVH 5150 ICONIC SERIES 6L6 40W 12×1