[ study ] The First Time I replaced the circuits and pick-ups.

Now I done pickups-replacement on one of my guitar.

It was the first time I replaced pick-ups and circuits of my electric guitar by myself since I started to play the guitar.

This guitar – Kramer Japan Baretta (JK 1000) – had been got in my high school days. In my high school days, a little bit big earthquake occurred in the region where I had lived in. A guitar shop that I had been several time suffered from damages. All guitar hooked in the shop had fallen down and suffered from damages. This guitar was one of damaged guitars. Hence the price of it was cut to the half then I could get it.

This guitar had been slept in the case for decades. So, the electric circuit had been useless due to the long time derelict. I have no experience, no skill and no knowledge to replace the electric circuits and pick-ups of the electric guitar. But in this time, I decided to try it by myself. Although in either soldering I have had just only experience in my junior high school class.

Although I tackled some difficulties to understand soldering point, distinction between Hot and Cold, switching pickup mechanism and so on, finally I completed the replacement of all electric circuits and pick-ups of my old Baretta.

Both neck and bridge pick-ups is Dimarzio SDS-1. Honestly I wanted to avoid SDS-1 because it is the long-time famous pick-up. I selected the pick-up by just checking the parameter. I looked for one has high output and high mid. Finally I selected one model-number DP111 in Dimarzio line ups. Once I unpacked the package, I found it was SDS-1.

But the sound is great. It sounds very warm and fat. Originally my Baretta had two humbuckers. But current my main guitar has as great humbuckers as I could imagine. So, I wanted to replace my Bretta pickups to single coil ones and done. Anyway I got the single coil sound as I wanted to get.

I would like to use this Single Coiled Baretta in some new song.