My DTM Works 2022 July – August


Instrumental rock tracks written by Naoto Sawamura

2022 July is the first time I took my guitar again during a decade and a few years. Now I have written and piled my works up to 5 tracks. So, I created the page that these 5 tracks mp3 files can be played. This page is like a playlist.


track #01 : The Yellow Orbit

The Yellow Orbit by Naoto Sawamura

track #02 : Unwinding Condition Spiral

Unwinding Conditional Spiral by Naoto Sawamura

track #03 : Swinging Space Telescopes

Swinging Space Telescopes by Naoto Sawamura

track #04 : Highway Interchange Ramp

Highway Interchange Ramp by Naoto Sawamura

track #05 : Sleipnir and Gungnir

Sleipnir and Gungnir by Naoto Sawamura

All tracks written and arranged by Naoto Sawamura

Recorded by GarageBand
Engineering / Mixing / Mastering : Naoto Sawamura
Drums / Bass Programing : Naoto Sawamura

Guitars : Naoto Sawamura

Naoto Sawamura used :
Guitar / PIGNOSE PGG-200 (track #01)
Guitar / MUSICMAN Edward Van Halen Signature Model (all tracks except track #01)
Amplifier / EVH 5150 ICONIC SERIES 6L6 40W 12×1