Lady Santa Clause


This is my 10th DTM work. It is called as “Lady Santa Clause". The song track. Please take a listen to it.

Lady Santa Clause by Naoto Sawamura

2022-10-28: MP3 has been re-uploaded with Drum sound replacement and remix/remastering.

2023-10-26 : Remixed version has been uploaded.

(In English is the upper, in Japanese is the lower)

My DTM work reached 10th by this track. I have begun to challenge DTM from this July. Previous 9 tracks were written newly and recorded at once. But this track is different.

I wrote this track long ago. This song was dismissed by the members of the band that I had lead. I had wrote this to include repertories for our club circuits. I had loved this track. So dismissed this track is regret for me. But the members of the band that I had lead were gathered to play my own composed songs in my favorite style. So, I could not insist it.

This track had achieved one of my ideal “a rock song might be established without the lead guitar section". Although I have played many lead guitars recently.

I had not expected any chance to open this track. I had kept away from the music for 13-4 years. It means that I had kept away from singing for the same time span. So, I had not expected any change to sing my song again. I do not like Karaoke.

The member of the band who had dismissed this track said to me that this song was like a X’mas song. The title came after his impression. I had forgot the chord progression and lyrics. But my hand brought the chord progression back to me. Regarding lyrics, I used lines I could remember and added new lines to fit the theme of this song that I originally wanted to write.

No matter to you all, my DTM challenging process has been going under the theme of “take myself back". So, I wanted to pick up this track as my DTM 10th work.

Lyrics as below.

Lady Santa Clause

Somebody bring me a light
Morning wake up
Somebody bring me a light
Rolling the bed out

Red coat over
Headwear, too
Big Bug the bedside
Bugging today

Somebody bring me a light
Bronze bell ringing
Somebody bring me a light
Cats sledge waiting

Pass the sun over
Smile moon, too
Crystals alongside
You road away

Somebody bring me a light

Somebody bring me a light
Somebody bring me a light

Somebody bring me a light
Hum an encouraging song
Somebody bring me a light
Singing away

Somebody bring me a light
Stumbling along
Somebody bring me a light
Lady today

The credit as below.

Lady Santa Clause
Song and Words Written by Naoto Sawamura
Arranged by Naoto Sawamura

Recorded by GarageBand
Engineering / Mixing / Mastering : Naoto Sawamura
Drums / Bass Programing : Naoto Sawamura

Guitars : Naoto Sawamura
Vocals : Naoto Sawamura

Naoto Sawamura used :
Guitar / MUSICMAN Edward Van Halen Signature Model
Amplifier / EVH 5150 ICONIC SERIES 6L6 40W 12×1