Frantic Efforts


This is my 17th DTM work. As the song track, it is 7th one. It is called as “Frantic Efforts". This is a blues number. Please take a listen to it.

Frantic Effort by Naoto Sawamura

(2023-12-30 the remixed version has been uploaded)

(In English the upper, in Japanese the lower)

This song was written newly based on my recent experience. I felt that it is about time to write the new blues number. When I felt so, I just experienced some not-so-good one. Then, my soul dug in it automatically, and pull this song back to the ground. The blues, it is as such.

By the way, all guitar recorded in this song was stringed by “Hendrix Gauge" that was consists of .010, .013, .015, .026, .032 and .038. In detail about “Hendrix Gauge", refer to my post as below.

Lyrics are below.

Frantic Efforts

Why does she turn her gaze
Why does she pretend as in the maze

Why does not she talk to you
After she’s pulled knowledges from you

For her it like hell to be seen she and you together
Cause you turned to be screwed up

Why does he ignore your voice
As if the roll of the dice

Why he will treat you as if
A building maintenance guy

For him it like hell to be seen he and you together
Cause you turned to be screwed up

If got eye to eye with them
You might see eyes with no aim

See you as antagonist
You’re the culprit of all they insist

O know your contributive rush
O know your desperate run
But they fear a guy who efforts frantically

The credit is blow.

Song and Words Written by Naoto Sawamura
Arranged by Naoto Sawamura

Recorded by GarageBand
Engineering / Mixing / Mastering : Naoto Sawamura
Drums / Bass Programing : Naoto Sawamura

Guitars : Naoto Sawamura
Vocals : Naoto Sawamura

Naoto Sawamura used :
Guitar / EVH Wolfgang Special
Amplifier / EVH 5150 ICONIC SERIES 6L6 40W 12×1


 ところで、この曲にレコーディングされているギターは全部、「ヘンドリクス・ゲージ」を張って演奏したものです。「ヘンドリクス・ゲージ」とは、弦の太さが、.010, .013, .015, .026, .032, .038 で構成されているものです。「ヘンドリクス・ゲージ」に付いての詳細は、上述の私の当該ポストへのリンクを参照いただければと思います。