1st Album : Taken Myself Back


This is my 1st album. The title of this album is “Taken Myself Back". All track is instrumental tune. These 10 tracks were composed and created between July 2022 and September 2022. This album creation process was taking myself back process also. To create this album, the first time that I took my guitar since I took it down 13 – 14 years before. So, please allow me if you find some mistake or poor performance. Thank you very much.


Taken Myself Back

track #01 : The Yellow Orbit

The Yellow Orbit Naoto Sawamura

track #02 : Swinging Space Telescopes

Swinging Space Telescopes by Naoto Sawamura

track #03 : Unwinding Condition Spiral

Unwinding Condition Spiral by Naoto Sawamura

track #04 : Highway Interchange Ramp

Highway Interchange Ramp by Naoto Sawamura

track #05 : Sleipnir and Gungnir

Sleipnir and Gungnir by Naoto Sawamura

track #06: A Man Who Has Not Achieved Anything

A Man Who Has Not Achieved Anything by Naoto Sawamura

track #07 : Japanese Syllabic Folk Dance

Japanese Syllabic Folk Dance by Naoto Sawamura

track #08 : Moaning And Roaring

Moaning And Roaring by Naoto Sawamura

track #09 : Cultivating Horses

Cultivating Horses by Naoto Sawamura

track #10 : Taken Myself Back ( I’m Back )

Taken Myself Back ( I’m Back ) by Naoto Sawamura

All tracks Written and Arranged by Naoto Sawamura

Recorded by GarageBand
Engineering / Mixing / Mastering : Naoto Sawamura
Drums / Bass Programing : Naoto Sawamura
Percussion Programing : Naoto Sawamura (track #09)

Guitars : Naoto Sawamura

Naoto Sawamura used :
Guitar / PIGNOSE PGG-200 (track #01)
Guitar / MUSICMAN Edward Van Halen Signature Model (all tracks except track #01)
Guitar / GIBSON Les Paul Standard (track#08 Lead)
Amplifier / EVH 5150 ICONIC SERIES 6L6 40W 12×1